🛡️ | User Fund Protection Policy

As part of our commitment to deliver a safe, transparent, and convenient crowdfunding platform (launchpad) for communities, ArbiPad set out policies, procedures, and guidelines for acceptable behavior to protect all users from harm or exploitation.

After gathering feedback from our community, we are pleased to release User Fund Protection. This is our commitment to becoming a safe, transparent, and convenient crowdfunding platform (launchpad) for communities.

ArbiPad will have investor protection as one key market differentiator from competitors. With this initiative, ArbiPad aims to ensure that every user who uses our platform is protected. This will also lead to expanding our offerings in order to enhance users confidence and engagement.

Terms and Conditions of Refund to ArbiPad Users

  1. Project that failed to distribute the token on time as per the agreement

  2. Liquidity added is insufficient to support trading purposes

  3. Project is not actively assisting ArbiPad in carrying out marketing campaigns that have been prepared before the IDO

  4. Project does not deliver all the agreed clauses in the ArbiPad IDO agreement document

  5. To provide flexibility and empower our users, ArbiPad has implemented an Optional Refund System on every IDO on the ArbiPad platform.

Here is how the Optional Refund System works:

  • Users will have a "time window" to choose between claiming tokens or requesting a refund.

  • If a user does not take any action until the "time window" is over, it will be considered as choosing to claim tokens.

  • There is a platform fee of 5% of the investment amount if the user chooses to request a refund.

⚠️ Notes:

  • The duration of the "Time Window" is the result of an agreement between the ArbiPad team and Projects.

  • Refunds will be made within 3 days after the "Time Window" is over.

The regulations and protective measures we defined here will be in effect for all the ArbiPad IDOs starting with this announcement. We hope our User Fund Protection gained support and positive echoes.

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