💡| How to monitor transaction on zkSync?

You can monitor your transactions on zkSync using the zkScan block explorer. And here is the step to monitor your transaction on zkSync Explorer:

Step 1: Go to the zkScan website. Open your web browser and go to https://zkscan.io/. This is the official block explorer for the zkSync network.

Step 2: Enter your wallet address In the search bar on the zkScan website, enter the Ethereum address associated with your MetaMask wallet that you are using for zkSync transactions. This is the address that you used to send or receive transactions on the zkSync network.

Step 3: View Transaction History Once you have entered your wallet address, you will be able to see your transaction history on zkSync. You can view details of each transaction, including the transaction hash, timestamp, sender, receiver, and transaction status (e.g., confirmed, pending, failed).

Step 4: Explore Transaction Details By clicking on a specific transaction in the transaction history, you can explore the details of that transaction. This may include information such as the amount of zkETH tokens transferred, gas fees paid, and other relevant transaction data.

Step 5: Check Transaction Status: zkScan provides real-time updates on the status of your transactions. You can check whether a transaction is confirmed, pending, or failed. If a transaction is pending or failed, you can also see the reason for the failure, if applicable.

Step 6: Monitor Multiple Wallets or Tokens zkScan allows you to monitor multiple wallet addresses or tokens. You can switch between different wallets or tokens using the dropdown menus on the zkScan website to view their respective transaction histories.

Using zkScan, you can easily monitor your transactions on zkSync and keep track of their status. It's a useful tool to stay informed about the progress of your transactions on the zkSync network.

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